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:: 06-09-05 :: [11 Jul 2005|02:38pm]
so! this is my first website update since "::10-21-03::!" yeah...wow...i can't even begin to talk about all the stuff that's gone on since then! for one though, i graduated, "with: AWESOME!" i currently have my BFA in film and animation! right now i'm finishing up my senior thesis for screening in the fall, which is my last requirement.

this website update is going to be huge, so please bear with me! although it might not look like it, i'm doing a total overhaul and converting everything to CSS. that might not mean anything to you...and if not, that's fine, all you need to know is, it's going to be a lot easier for me to make updates in the future!

so, sit back, relax, and enjoy the flood of updates!

:: smo ::
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:: site update :: [08 Jul 2005|10:26am]
:: threeprong.net ::

just reworked galleries so that preload images are smaller and load faster. downed quality of all previews cutting them at least in half. should buzz through now.

popup window seems to be working. thinking about changing stylesheets to make text bold and easier to read.

this weekend i'll gater up a fine art portfolio and dig thought pictures of sculpture to upload. most everything got deleted when i threw out a folder on my computer by accident. so i don't have much to show anymore.

should have reel up soon as well.

:: smo ::
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:: trailer :: [09 Feb 2005|08:31am]
yesterday i put together the first six shots [of near thirty total] of my senior thesis "good morning cephalgia."

i still have a bit to go for this screening, but i wanted to show you guys that i AM actually working on it! i've been pulling 18 hour days, just about every day between school, work and animation. it's hard for me to stay on task usually, but i've been doing pretty well with this.

there's a temp music track for the second song, i couldn't find an mp3 of the first "sleepy" one. i will be playing the music myself in the final piece.

hopefully you like it! when i showed people yesterday they laughed, and i generally don't think my work is funny so that made me feel good. if you want to see more you'll have to go to screenings! i'm going to have [not finished but] a decently roughed out story with some keys for this screening. for next screening i will have everything done! i've got a bit of cleaning up to do, as you can tell,my character's not fully drawn in these shots and he's off model from shot to shot. the later ones are a bit more consistant...anyway...here it is:

:: good morning cepahlgia - trailer ::
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:: animate :: [28 Dec 2004|01:08am]
so i just animated a piece of bread and an egg walking to their breakfasty doom. i've got a few more things in the shot to do, either going to tackle tonight or tomorrow. looks nice! pretty pictures and animation tests will come probably this friday once i'm back at rit.

should have the first half of my animation done after break! also, animating to ren and stimpy is a very good idea!
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:: dance dance :: [06 Dec 2004|07:51am]
so, this past weekend i animated my character walking down a set of stairs that is dancing...it was kinda rough, but it looks good. i'll what i can upload.

also i'm soon to aquire authentic period [sheet] music to use. i will have to record it myself, which is what i wanted to begin with. i'm already set with a band, i've just got to place the order!
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:: robonauts? :: [13 Nov 2004|06:44pm]
robonauts chord progression?

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:: elephant whales peanut :: [08 Nov 2004|09:44pm]
finished a move for shot six today. i like this one so i added temp sound. just needs to be inked...


this is what's giving my character a headache...
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:: the robonauts or dragons with knives [so dangerous] :: [07 Nov 2004|01:01am]
alright, so all of my retarded ideas have come to a head. i've decided to use the robonauts storyline i created. but noting that the robonauts are in fact their own manner of creature, it shouldn't be the name of their band as well, should it? i mean if every human band was named "the humans" it would be pretty lame. so the robonauts will refer to themselves as "dragons with knives [so dangerous]" but their fans on earth will most likely refer to them as "the robonauts," as people on earth are not familliar with self aware robotic creatures. i will repost the storyline soon.

i've got some tracks i'm messing with. as of now all tracks will be available on my rit ftp, and they will change regularly, so i'll i'll post the directory link in every post and then explain the tracks, as opposed to writing out a link to specific files each time.

mp3 directory

the track labeled funk is just some sax riffs that could turn into a decent funk song. i'll have to lay some guitar under it, and get jon to make a smooth bassline for it and it could be kinda neat.

the track labeled malfunctionlayers is me messing around with recording different instuments on my computer. right now the sax is way overkill. you can hear me whisper-screaming malfunction in the background too because i'm an idiot.

and the test sax song is a slowed down version of a song i've had stuck in my head that i'm trying to get the notes right for.

all three of these tracks sound different, but i like that. i don't think we're going to have a defined sound, it'll be all over the place, with ties to ska and punk. just stuff i like.


i didn't animate at all today. i might get up early and do a bit. yesterday i animated a shot where the moon gets whacked out of the sky by the sun. i'm going to touch it up before bed.
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:: TorF :: [06 Nov 2004|11:51am]
fortunately for me, when i begin to get motivated to make music again, jon arliss tells me that rocco has "dumped him," my recap of jon's recap:

rocko: "well jon, you know, you're still in school and dave and i aren't. i mean it's nothing against you, you're a great bass player, but i just don't think it will work out, at this point."

jon: "you've found someone else already haven't you?"

rocko: "we've been thinking about this for a little while now, since the jersey show...i hope we can still be friends..."

what does this mean for me? simply that one of the best bass players in new york state wants to play with me again. joey mac's house isn't too far from naz, so i think this'll work out! i'm pretty excited! first practice is going to be next weekend!
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:: new :: [05 Nov 2004|08:08pm]
since my website has fallen out of my current agenda, i will be updating this page with information on my current projects, and showing sketches, music and animated clips. stay tuned if you want...
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